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Citizen Lab - Science for everyone


We conduct our research to improve health care – something we can only do if we work with the people for whom the health care is provided. The Munich Network Health Care Research wants to include citizen science to get you involved actively in our projects, starting from the project idea to data collection to the discussion of the implementations of the results.

What is citizen science?

You as a citizen can get involved in the scientific process to help directly shape what could be relevant research topics, what you think could be improved in the health care delivery, if and where you see potential for improvement. Democracy is essential also in research! With your experience, opinions and input, our research can be shaped that we receive the best results for society.

How can I get involved?

We would love to have you actively involved to develop future research ideas, identify barriers or get insight on experiences!
Group discussions: We regularly organize to develop new topics and to discuss ongoing projects. The results of research projects are also presented and discussed here: How can the new findings impact your everyday life, how can they be implemented most effectively?
Meet-the-scientist: We can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about current topics and projects. You can share your own topics and experiences.
Within specific projects, individual discussions or online surveys are carried out regularly.

What happens with my data?

It is important to us that you don’t have to worry about any information you give us. If you are part of a survey or interview, you will receive a consent for explaining all data processes (including anonymization). All personal data are processed according to EU data regulations.

You want to be involved in our reserach? You have questions, comments or ideas? Please contact us!

Benedict Katzenberger, M.Sc.
Dr. Daniela Koller